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Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

Want to connect with targeted prospects? Motivate a buy from your clients? Introduce a new product? Build customer confidence in your service?

That’s the job of well-written words. Words that grab attention, make hard-hitting points and generate immediate action from your readers. Word power is persuasive power. The power to create the specific response you desire – and results that speak for themselves … on your bottom line!

As an award-winning freelance copywriter with more than thirty years of in-the-trenches experience behind me, I get the job done right! On time … on budget … and on target! Whatever your market … whatever your product or service … I have the expertise to create websites, sales pages, brochures, sales letters, video scripts, print ads, press releases, newsletters, articles and other marketing tools that boost your business success and profits through powerful words that SELL!

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