Clients praise Rosalind Sedacca’s copywriting


“Our entire team all flipped out when we read this, and feel that it’s at least 10x, and more like 100x, better than before. I know this will be a game changer for us, and you’re a big part of why. Great job!

We bow down in awe to the power of your pen!”

Mark Leder, Marketing Director - Rosemarie Speaks

“Rosalind is an amazingly fast and gifted copywriter. When I hired her I was a bit worried that it may take her a few drafts to understand our industry terminology and how to write copy for my target market. Much to my happy surprise she nailed a very long sales letter on the first draft! She is a pleasure to work with and delivered the copy on time if not early. I will definitely hire her again!”

Jeanne Simon, CEO and Co-founder - Sell Your TV Concept Now, Inc.

“It has been great pleasure to work with Rosalind. Not only is she great at marketing and has the ability to properly portray a message to the reader, she is also a true entrepreneur — a bonus with more value than I can describe. She helped me sculpt the right message to the right audience in an effective, efficient way. She was timely and extremely professional. I will be doing business with her again, for sure.”

Mirna Baloul, CEO -

“Thank you so much for the outstanding work on my sales letter. I am very impressed. I absolutely loved it.

I am so glad I found you. You have saved me so much time and given me extra motivation to keep doing what I have to do to move forward with my business.”

Vania Vittel, Life Coach - Clarity Pathway Program

“Rosalind came highly recommended and she was outstanding! We spoke at length about my business, the purpose of my sales letter and really got into small details that I wanted. A couple of days later, I read her first draft and it was exceptional. In fact I didn’t ask for revisions because it was everything I wanted.

I highly recommend Rosalind to anyone looking for great sales copy. In addition to the actual product, the communications and overall customer service was amazing.”

Jorge Ayala, Head Instructor - Ayala Mixed Martial Arts

“One word – BRILLIANT!

With this brochure and the cover letter its phenomenal – a sure winner. You nailed it. It’s a pleasure working with you and I can’t thank you enough!”

Mike Fiedler, Director - Fieldler & Associates MedXPrime

“Mark and I couldn’t have marketed the UD Toolkit without YOU, Rosalind! You have amazing talent as a writer! Glad you are on our team!’

Rosemarie Rosetti, Ph.D - Rosetti Enterprises

“Thank you for doing such an excellent job on every single project. You have the ability to take a few words of instruction and turn it into copy that sings. You have a gift for writing great copy.”

Monica Davis - Media Coach

“I needed a sales page that was critical to the launch of a new product, and was lucky enough to find Rosalind. She took my myriad of product descriptions and asked me a ton of insightful questions, and before you know it, she returned a compelling sales page that captured my messaging perfectly. I see other sales pages in my future, and I will not hesitate to reach out to Rosalind to get the job right. If you’re looking for compelling writing from an experienced professional, I urge you to call Rosalind. You will not be disappointed!”

Dana Dobson, Public Relations

“Rosalind possesses great ability to grasp the meat and heart of all projects and then turns it into “ON TARGET,” compelling copy that stirs response. She is a huge asset on any type of marketing or advertising campaign — a strong conceptual strategist with a no-nonsense approach to solving complex issues and giving the right copy position the first time out. My creative work has been super-charged because of her strong copy platforms, many times making me think differently and designing to bring her words to life creatively.”

Rich Munson

“Before I hired Rosalind I was struggling with writing a brochure for our training department. No matter how many times we tried with a variety of writers the piece never “spoke” to me. I contacted Rosalind and shared my training department history and philosophy with her and let her do her thing. Once I received the copy from her I was elated! WOW! Rosalind captured the very essence of our passion and put it into words. I shared with my executive colleagues here at the University and everyone agreed about the quality of the work. Put this in the “win” column.

Would I use her again? You betcha! In a heartbeat.”

Peter James, Director of Training & Development - Johnson & Wales University

“It was a pleasure working with you on this project. I’m sure I will need your expertise in the near future. I appreciate the time you took to understand our needs and the effort to put into words exactly what we were looking for.”

Reinaldo Gonzalez, President - InvesTeam Realty

“Rosalind really knows her stuff! She took my ‘vision’ and ‘passion’ and crafted the right words and presentation that made a huge difference in our online presence. I can honestly say not only was she a joy to work with, but she always went the extra mile to make sure everything was just perfect. Rosalind is a great teacher and I now can move my business and presence forward in a much more powerful and effective way. Blessings to you, Roz!”

Traci Campbell - Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

“I started by having Rosalind rewrite one of my marketing postcards. Wow! I was so impressed that I had her do another postcard for me, a sales letter, and then rewrite the content on the homepage of my website. In addition, she gave me some great marketing ideas. I am very happy with the work she did, and will definitely be using her services for future projects.”

Ron Glidden, Chief Transformation Officer - Glidden Training & Consulting, LLC

“When I first spoke with Rosalind I immediately knew that I wanted to work with her. She was very knowledgeable about what should be included in my brochure and website, even bringing up great ideas that I had never even thought of. What struck me the most was her consistent use of the word “WE”, not “YOU.” This made me know that she not only had an interest in me as a customer but who had a vested interest in the success of my business. Working with Rosalind has made me feel as if I have an expert on my team.”

Fana Campbell-Taylor, Director - Core Learning Center

“WOW! WOW! WOW! You Knock it out of the park every time! Thank you!”

Perry Beaty, CEO - FlowStop, Inc.

“Rosalind was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to listen carefully to our needs and provided the website copy we were looking for, covering all the points we needed emphasized and better engaging the reader. She completed the work quickly, for a reasonable price and, though revisions were included, we did not need any!”

Gordon Thompson, Esq.

“It was a pleasure to work with Rosalind to develop copy for my website. From our first conversation, I could tell that Rosalind was extremely knowledgeable and was eager to provide information to help me develop a wonderful website and have a successful business.”

Janet Blount, President - Careers Are Us

“Thank you very much for your great work. You are an amazing writer indeed.”

Stanley OYang - Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitoner

“We all think we can write well and that we can put into words what we are trying to convey to our customers. After 2 weeks of writing and re-writing our marketing materials – only to come up with a mediocre product – we hired Rosalind. After a brief interview and in only a few hours, she brought our thoughts to powerful words that gave life to the messages for our customers. Without a doubt, we will be calling on Rosalind again and again. “

Mike McCarty, President - McCarty Group Realty

“Working with Rosalind was the easiest thing I‘ve ever done as a solo-preneur! She took what was in my heart and soul and put it on paper. Her ability to completely understand who I am and what I wanted to communicate was effortless. After one conversation she was quick to articulate exactly what I desired to say in print. Within days she put my thoughts into words that define who I am and exactly what I will do for my clients to transform their lives. She brilliantly captured the essence of my soul and laid it out for all the world to connect to. I now have a printed piece of material that I am extremely proud of and that clients truly resonate with. I sincerely believe that because of my collaboration with her I am attracting new clients who connect with me at a soul level.”

Veronica Drake - Life Coach

“Before working with Rosalind, I was anxious about putting together the words for my website that best reflect my brand. Rosalind made it very easy, and nailed it each time. After my first conversation with her, I knew that she was passionate about writing, and that she truly believed in the power of words. I am extremely grateful for her writing services; working with her has been well worth it!”

Autumn Parham - Autumn Kasan Shoes

“Wow! It flows so well! You really captured what I wanted to say! You exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much!”

Lena Adams-Winkel, President - Wachiwi Designer Bags

“Excellent Job again, Rosalind. The brochure copy sounds great. My news sales person thought it was really well written also and he was impressed by your sales insights.

Thanks for the great work.”

Chad VanCalster, President - Sonix Studio

“Wow! This is great! Much better than I could have ever done!

You hit the nail on the head with the information in the letter. Truth be told, I am not familiar with “sales letters”, so I guess I was looking at it in a different way than I should have. This is why I hired a professional to write my letter for me – I would have missed the boat, so to speak had I done it myself.

The letter is very good and I appreciate your time and effort you put into it! Well Done! Thank you for your hard work!”

Katherine Whittlef, Owner/Director - Seasons Estate Management Services

“Rosalind, I can’t thank you enough for coming through for me. I’m so glad I found you and I will love to look to you for guidance as I grow and develop. Many thanks for getting this ahead of schedule, so very much appreciated.”

Suzette Lipker, Director of Marketing and Client Relations - Complete Body Balance

“Rosalind worked with me for several months building my website and brand. Her expertise in copywriting is invaluable. Thank you Roz, for your business coaching and patience.”

Stephanie N. Stewart, EdS, LPC, NCC

“It looks perfect; no changes. Thank you very much for everything. Very happy with the results. I will keep you in mind for other projects.”

Franco Finstad - The Ocean Club

“I just reviewed your copy draft and once again, I am confirming your value as an integrative writer. You have a way of taking all those disintegrated pieces and putting them together. Thank you so much. I did not need to make one correction. I loved every word!”

Sarena Morello, LMHC

“Rosalind, thank you for the excellent copy. It has very good points and I can adapt this to other industries also.”

Roy Castner - Travel Saver

“You definitely kicked some major ass!

This was absolutely amazing, and you nailed it right on the head. Thank you so much for your services.”

Marcus Wendt - Akasha Dream Co.

“Thanks for the great job. You’re the best.”

Alla Vinnikova - Cirque Kalandra Productions Agency

“Excellent!!! I love the copy!”

Carrie L. Cole - Divorce Financial Planner

“Thanks, Roz! Great job–will contact you again when the need arises.”

Bill Tucker, President - Tucker & Tucker Insurance

“Thanks so much! This is really good! We love it!”

Wess Young - Brilliance Crystal

“Thank you so much for the sales letter revision. I love it. I truly appreciate your time, knowledge and the blessings you continue to share with me.”

K.D. Gates, Founder & CEO - Celsaderm Skincare

“Great job, Rosalind! You pretty much nailed it. I will be in touch soon to get a quote for another prioritized project.”

Lonnie Hirsch, CEO - Hirsch Healthcare Consulting

“I hired Rosalind Sedacca for copywriting for my one sheet and sales letters for my website. She has astounded me with her skill at selecting words that sell.”

Rosemarie Rosetti, Ph.D., President - Rosetti Enterprises Inc.

“Thank you for the great work.Your messaging is well written and represents all of the points we discussed. Let’s move forward with the brochure.”

Eddie Hernandez, Exec. V.P. - OMEGA International Group Inc