COPYWRITING POWER … puts “muscle” into your marketing message!

Word-Power is persuasive power. The power to grab attention, make hard-hitting points and generate immediate response from your targeted market. Carefully chosen words build credibility for your website, your business, your products or services. They are vital tools that can be artfully used to create the specific response or action you want.

Selling, regardless of what the product or service, is an emotional process. A process of learning to push the right “buttons” in your prospect to get the desired response. Expert copywriting is the tool to create that outcome. Yet far too few businesses understand the impact and value of well-chosen words and how they can attract, motivate and sell.

Using Words to Touch an Emotional Chord

How do you move through the onslaught of today’s competitive marketing clamor to get your story told and your product sold? By reaching out and touching human emotional needs. Needs are basic and important to our well-being. Psychologists tell us they include: safety and security, self-realization and fulfillment, esteem and status, belonging and social activity, health and other physiological drives.

By selecting words and phrases that play off of these universal emotional needs, you can make what you are selling more appealing, more valuable and easy to purchase – now! Many of those same words will also become “key words” which play an important role in helping your website be found via search engines when your prospect is searching for a service you provide.

It takes a good copywriter to catch your prospect’s attention, develop their interest, motivate their desire and generate immediate action. It’s Word-Power that can make your “widget” the best on the market in the eyes of your potential customers — making it worth every penny you’re charging. Expert word-crafting can transform that humble widget into a builder of dreams, a solution to problems, a goal worth attaining.

Success Elements That Make Your Copy Sell

There are many proven formulas and guidelines for writing copy that sells. If you’re going to tackle the job yourself, I suggest you first peruse a good copywriting book or internet articles that spell out some time-tested pointers. Briefly, masters of the trade seem to be in agreement about certain essential factors that are keys to sales and marketing success. These include:

  • Grab Attention

  • Show your product/service advantage

  • Prove it

  • Use success stories

  • Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes

  • Include special features

  • Be persuasive

  • Show value

  • Be believable

  • Get reader involved

  • Strive for commitment

  • Be friendly

  • Make it easy to read

  • Ask for the sale

  • Don’t ask if – ask which

  • Make it easy to order

  • Imply urgent action

Not all of these elements belong on every web page, sales letter or brochure you produce. But in every case the subtleties of language, the lure of provocative benefits and the power of well-chosen words is the secret that puts real “muscle” into your advertising message.

Just as not everyone who can hold a marker is a graphic designer, everyone who knows how to write is not a professional copywriter. Think twice before putting the future sales and credibility of your business into the hands of someone who is not a master of the craft.

Whether you’re promoting your business, selling your service, establishing your identity, building your image, attracting attention to your website or building customer confidence in your product — don’t overlook the proven power of Word-Power. The results will speak for themselves on your bottom line!

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