Online Positioning: Keep It Clear & Focused To Get Results!

An open letter from Rosalind Sedacca to prospective clients:

Effective online positioning is all about finding the right direction to focus your marketing message.

Our challenge: If you don’t have a clear direction your headlines (and your other copy) you are going to be all over the place, speaking to too many different kinds of people about too many things.

No one is really going to know what you’re offering and who it’s for and no one is going to grasp the value of what you’re offering.

Only when your online positioning is really clear can I write an effective headline and body copy for you.

We need to describe the results they want in a message that resonates with people so they want to move ahead with you.

That means we need to focus on solving a really clear problem in a specific area of someone’s life to get started. We can’t be all things to all people – even if your product may do that.

Remember: To makes sales, we want to uncover that specific emotional motivation that’s going to capture the attention of your ideal clients.

So first: you need to identify that ideal client very specifically.

Then, you want to focus on…

1. The number one pain that they’re aware of. (I say “aware of” because if you try to speak to something in your headline that they are not aware of, they won’t pay attention to it.)

2. The number one most valuable result that they crave and that they know they want.

My goal is to write irresistible words for all parts of all your web pages so it takes your ideal client from interested to invested.

Keep in mind, your headline must say, “Stay on this page, and keep reading.” And if it’s done its job, the reader is going to keep scrolling and they’re going to keep reading, either to opt in for your gift or to buy your product on your sales page.

With this in mind, I need from you specific details to fill out the copy with credibility. With that, I can do my job. Without it, no one can write effective copy for you.

Does this make sense?

If you desire, as a marketing consultant I can schedule a session with you to brainstorm all the above and make the best decisions regarding which benefit of your product we should tackle first, for which target market, and how. Once we clearly identify your hook and your message, I can write the copy that does the job right!

I look forward to working with you.